Here’s an outstanding example of a Reichsnährstand Flag Pole Topper made by Priessmann Bauer & Co..  It measures approximately 14 3/8″ tall by 8 1/4″ wide.  This is one of the tallest flag pole toppers of the Third Reich.  It has an impressive multi-piece construction and is very heavy.  All proper markings are found on this impressive example.  You will be hard pressed to find another one in this condition.

The Reichsnährstand (RNST) was a government body set up in Nazi Germany to regulate food production. The RNST had legal authority over anyone involved in agricultural production and distribution.  It attempted to interfere in the market for agricultural goods, using a complex system of orders, price controls, and prohibitions, through regional marketing associations.  The RNST’s argument was that Germany “needed” an additional 7-8 million hectares of farmland, and that consolidation of existing farms would displace many existing farmers who would need to work new land.  This influenced Hitler’s decision to invade the Soviet Union.