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Nazi Railway / Railroad Eagle 27″ – WW2 German Reichsbahn Adler

Here is a genuine large sized German Railway Eagle (Deutsche Reichsbahn Adler).  This particular example was made...

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Nazi Germany DAF Pole Topper

Here is a perfect example of a Nazi Germany DAF Pole Topper.  It measures 10″ tall by 5 3/4″ wide. ...

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Heer Regimental Standard Pole Top – Nazi Germany Army Flag Pole Topper

Here is an extremely rare Heer Regimental Standard Pole Top.  This is undoubtedly an authentic text book example...

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Adolf Hitler Formal Serving Spoon

Here’s an Adolf Hitler Formal Serving Spoon which measures 8 1/2″ in length.  Condition is Excellent. ...

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Adolf Hitler Lobster Pick – Superb Condition

Here’s a Formal Lobster Pick from Adolf Hitlers personal tableware which measures 8″  in length. ...

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Adolf Hitler Formal Gravy Ladle – Superb Condition

This is a very rare Adolf Hitler formal Gravy Ladle that is extremely hard to find and it is in Superb...

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