Reich Chancellery Silverware Serving Tray



Rare Reich Chancellery (Reichskanzlei) Serving Tray straight out of the woodwork.  This piece was obtained from a local deceased veteran’s estate in Connecticut.  The tray is untouched and has an absolutely beautiful caramel like patina.  It is roll stamped with the party eagle clutching an oak wreath with a swastika.  The “R” and “K” flank the sides of the wreath.  The bottom is stamped Wellner 58.  It measures 16 3/4” in length and 13” wide.  The tray has a very slight impression on it on the base which can’t be seen on pictures.  It’s nothing to detract from this beautiful piece.  Reich Chancellery silverware is much rarer than the Adolf Hitler pieces you come across.

The Reich Chancellery was extremely significant.  It was Hitler’s official residence, office and bunker; from here he planned the war and here it ended with his death.

Any Chancellery item is extremely rare because the complex was badly damaged during the Battle of Berlin in April 1945.  It was almost destroyed.  Only walls remained, riddled by countless shrapnel, yawning by big shot-holes from shells.  Ceilings survived only partially.   The last defense took place inside the Chancellery.  After World War II ended, the remains were demolished by orders of the Soviet occupation forces.  I would imagine the veteran who brought this item home had to barter with the Russians to obtain it.