Here is an extremely rare set of Adolf Hitler’s formal Salt & Pepper shakers from the Berghof.  These seldom surface as a pair, especially in this condition and the best of all, with known origin.  The shakers were crafted by Wellner and the AH monogram was roll stamped (not engraved).  The tops are silver plated.  Condition is excellent with no chips in the glass nor any plating loss on the silver.  The salt shaker still has glass beads in it, to prevent the salt from clumping.

Provenance – From the Dr. Mark Griffith collection.  Dr. Griffith authored the book “Collectors Guide to “Liberated” Adolf Hitler Memorabilia”.  He obtained the salt & pepper shakers directly from Sgt. Russell C. Dysert.  Sgt. Dysert fought with the 441st Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion, attached to the 45th “Thunderbirds” Division and, later, the 3rd Infantry Division.  He fought in Africa, Sicily, southern Italy and all the way up to Rome – working in supply, and driving a mail truck and jeep.  He and a small party of Officer’s entered Hitler’s Berghof tunnel complex and procured many items.  Silver frames, pistols, bottles of wine/champagne, a shotgun and silverware (salt & pepper shakers) were among the documented items liberated.

Period pictures of Wellner Salt & Pepper shakers at the Berghof.

Below – Sgt. Russell C. Dysert (center)

Dysert’s uniform, bottle of champagne, section of Hitler’s flag and the salt & pepper shakers.  All procured from the Berghof May 4, 1945.