In my opinion, Schellenbaum banners are one of the most artistic/handsomely designed and hard to come by artifacts from the Third Reich.  This example is no exception.  Here’s an incredibly rare DAF Schellenbaum banner for the 12th music unit of the Volksfürsorge AG company.

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This particular banner was from Bill Shea’s personal collection and featured in his book , The Stories Behind the Treasures of World War II “The Making of a Collectorholic”.

The banner measures approximately 13″ x 12″, not including the fringe, and is suspended from a 19″ silver plated bar w/ conical ends.  This is a very well-constructed piece with heavy silver bullion fringe around the perimeter.  There are four beautifully constructed silver bullion tassels hanging in all corners with magnificent twists and spirals.  The tassel design is the most impressive out of all the Schellenbaum banners I’ve seen.  The hanger rope is not original to the banner.  There is very minor fading/staining on the silk field and someone’s initials on the back side (barely visible).  See pictures.

The Volksfürsorge Lebensversicherungs AG Company was notarized on May 22, 1913 and was authorized to take up its business on 1 July 1913 as a trade union and insurance company.  Volksfürsorge AG provided the pension and financial products for workers.  In the Third Reich, the public welfare was integrated into the German Labor Front (DAF).  With 7.1 million insured persons, it rose to the largest German insurance company.