A rare mint WW2 German Reichskriegsfahne (National War Flag).   It is a great displayable size 80 x 135 cm.  The hoist end of the business very faintly reads “N.V.P.F. v V LISSINGEN & CO’S KATOENFABR./HELMOND (HOLLAND)” and “Kr. FL. 80 x 135” (indicating, Kriegsflagge).  This is a rare example made by a Dutch producer who was working for the Nazis under the occupation.  For some reason, most of these Holland produced flags, that I’ve come across, have very faint ink stamps.   Regardless, this is an interesting piece.

The Kriegsflagge is emblazoned with an Iron Cross in the canton area and, in the center area, a black swastika with white field which has black lines which run out on all of the quadrants   The hoist edge has a small, dual-ply, reinforcement panel to each corner and is trimmed in white, tunnel looped, cotton/rayon blend bunting for the suspension rope.