Here’s a scarce WW2 Nazi Polizei Schellenbaum banner.  It measures approximately 13″ x 12″, not including the fringe, and the banner is suspended from a 19″ silver plated bar w/ conical ends.  This is a very well constructed piece with heavy silver bullion fringe.  The police style eagle is embroidered in white on a teal blue field and is of the quality you’d expect from the period.  The Eagle & wreath are highlighted by even more silver bullion.  The front of banner shows minor wear & some fading.  The reverse has separations to the silk body at the top & staining/fading near the bottom.  A very nice oak display case is included.  It’s an impressive piece that will be the focal point of any collection.

A Schellenbaum, or sometimes referred to as a Jingling Johnnie, consisted of an eagle & swastika, made from an aluminum-colored, light weight alloy; suspended on a hanger from the eagle’s beak hung the unit or garrison banner, whose individual decoration was left up to the unit concerned.  Normally this small banner was made of silk and was elaborately decorated on the front by hand, with the town’s coat of arms or the branch of service eagle and swastika emblem.  Schellenbaum’s and their accessories are very rare.