It really doesn’t get any better than this.  Here’s a very nice set of formal AH silverware, napkin and 101st Headquarters letterhead giving a Lt. permission to retrieve a few items from the Berghof’s tunnel system.  The letter is from the 101st Airborne Division Headquarters, Office of the Chief of Staff.  This letter granted permission to enter the tunnel system to Hitler’s house to acquire souvenirs from his kitchen.  The letter was written on period correct letterhead with period correct ink and appropriate watermark (see pictures of letter, picture was enhanced to make it more legible).  This set was recently acquired from a veterans duffel-bag in New Orleans.  As I said, it doesn’t get better than this…you know exactly where these pieces came from…from ground zero.

Included with this exceptional set:

  • Original copy of 101st HQ permission letter
  • 1 AH formal napkin (retail price $1195.00)
  • 1 AH formal dinner knife 10″ ($1649.00)
  • 1 AH formal lunch knife 8 1/2″ ($1595.00)
  • 1 AH formal dinner spoon 7 1/2″ ($1595.00)
  • 1 AH formal lunch fork 7 1/4″ ($1595.00)
  • 1 AH formal salad fork 7 1/4″ ($1695.00)

The items in this set retail for $9324.00 on competitors website, not taking provenance into consideration.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity.  I rarely see something like this come across my desk.