Here is a pre-1939 Reichsleiter car pennant.  It’s in absolute MINT condition, beautifully preserved.  The pennant is approximately 11″ X 11″ and is made of cotton-rayon material.  The metal frame and outer red border is believed not to be original to the pennant.  The pennant features a silver-aluminum thread, hand embroidered Reich eagle, flanked by the Gothic letters “R” and “L”. The pictures should speak for themselves.  The party eagle has magnificent detail.

Pennants, such as this example, were flown from the right front fender of the Reichsleiter’s vehicle.  The left front fender was equipped with a swastika standard.  Reichsleiter (national leader or Reich leader) was the second highest political rank of the NSDAP, next only to the office of Führer.  The Reichsleiter reported directly to Adolf Hitler.

Heinrich Himmler, Hans Frank, Joseph Goebbels and Rudolf Hess are a few examples of Reichsleiters.