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Adolf Hitler Formal Dinner Knife_10″

Here’s an Adolf Hitler Formal Dinner Knife which measures approximately 10″ in length.  Condition is very...

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Hitlers Railway Dining Car Fork – Reichsbahn Silverware

Here’s a Reichsbahn Fork that came from Adolf Hitler’s railway dining car number 10244.  It’s in...

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B-24 Bombsight Sperry S-1 – Aircraft #42-7638

Here’s a B-24 Liberator Sperry Bombsight (with the autopilot unit still attached) from a well documented...

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German Railway Eagle – Nazi Reichsbahn Adler

Here is a genuine German Railway Eagle (Deutsche Reichsbahn Adler).  It’s a PS LOK 600 that measures 60 cm...

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Nazi Sturmabteilung SA Bugle

Here’s a really nice SA Bugle complete with tassels that measures slightly over 20″ in length.  It...

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Reichsnährstand (RNST) Flag Pole Topper

Here’s an nice example of a Reichsnährstand Flag Pole Topper made by Priessmann Bauer & Co..  It...

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